Nostr Monthly [May 2023]

You can find here the latest news about Nostr and its tools: clients, relays and others

Nostr Monthly [May 2023]
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About Nostr, and its ecosystem each month

Uncle Bob is talking about what Nostr is

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Elon Musk is talking about free speech

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BlueSky is going to the skies, according with Financial Times


How Nostr work with Uncle Bob Martin

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Zaps are the new likes, according to Nostr Magazine!


Again, Uncle Bob presenting his Nostr client → more-speech

5 milion Sats for Nostr

8-bit Musk on Twitter

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@fiatjaf about Bluesky AT protocol

@rable about of euphoria of new digital communities

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Elon Musk’s jet is on Nostr

Uncle Bob, again, about NOSTR events

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Is Bluesky a scam?

@fiatjaf opinion about Bluesky

Cool Bluesky Atlas

Uncle Bob about names in Nostr

Again about BlueSky

BlueSky vs Nostr discussion on Yourtube

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Forbes article about how Web3 Social Media Startups Are Helping Users Monetize Their Attention

Interesting article about lightning ⚡

Interesting interview about Nostr social media with Pablo Fernandez

How Nostr Works And The Mind-Blowing Implications For Freedom & Prosperity
Pablo Fernandez is an Argentinian software engineer, ‘Head of R&D’ at Swan Bitcoin, advisor to ‘ego death capital’, and most recently, developer of a number of projects on the Nostr protocol. In this discussion, I ask Pablo about the economic situation in Argentina, and his thoughts on the persistent troubles with inflation experienced there, and then we move on to a deep dive on Nostr, and the mind-blowing potential it appears to hold. Enjoy! — More from Pablo: TWITTER: ⁠⁠ NOSTR: npub1l2vyh47mk2p0qlsku7hg0vn29faehy9hy34ygaclpn66ukqp3afqutajft More from me: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: MEDIUM: SUBSTACK: Money Messiah VIDA: NOSTR: npub1cqm6dztalp4l6n04f9k20c333xftgangjla337736dr6faz9na0qf2hjec To buy Bitcoin in the US with zero-fees, purchase hosted mining rigs, and access their Lightning Services platform for developers, visit If you're in Canada, use this link ( to buy bitcoin with Bull Bitcoin, and receive $20 free when you first fund your account with $50 or more (and buy bitcoin with it). Once you buy bitcoin, taking custody of it is extremely important, if you want to maximize the benefit of this unique asset. The Coldcard hardware wallet is one of the most popular and trusted devices for doing just that. Buy one, and learn more about the great features of this wallet, as well as all their other awesome products, at & use the PROMO CODE 'VALLIS' for 5% off. The Bitcoin 2023 Conference is going down May 18-20 in Miami. Use the promo code 'VALLIS' for 10% off the biggest bitcoin conference in history! -- Timeline: 00:00 - Intro & Early Experiences Being An Entrepreneur In Argentina 12:02 - Why Is Inflation Such A Persistent Problem In Argentina 22:39 - How Do People Manage Inflation & Capital Controls In Argentina? 28:20 - Where Do ‘Good’ Cultures Exist In The World Today? 34:50 - Blindspots & Jordan Peterson 41:44 - Nostr & The Rise Of ‘Freedom Technologies’ 52:07 - The Architecture Of Nostr & How It Allows For More Freedom 58:26 - Why Wasn’t Nostr Developed Sooner 1:04:17 - The Implications Of Nostr + Bitcoin (Lightning) 1:20:08 - Compounding Network Effects In Nostr 1:30:54 - The Economics & Monetization Models On Nostr 1:43:05 - Nostr + Bitcoin Influence On People’s Psychology & What Are The Risks, Downsides, Flaws? 1:50:53 - The Implications Of ‘Information Being Set Free’ & The Potential ‘Ethical’ Shift 2:21:35 - What Pablo Is Most Excited About On Nostr (‘Highlighter’) 2:29:52 - Closing Remarks
How Nostr Works And The Mind-Blowing Implications For Freedom & Prosperity

Bluesky client is now open source

Aug 30, 2023

Damus and Amethyst stand up meeting 🤝 😀

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Another Nostr presentation from

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Recording of the Nostr vs Everything from Bitcoin Conference in Miami is out!

Video preview - inflation is high

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Conclusion for this month

Nostr Monthly [May 2023] is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the Nostr ecosystem. This document provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the latest updates on Nostr and its various tools, including information on Uncle Bob Martin, Elon Musk, Bluesky, and Nostr Magazine.
We included links to articles and videos that provide more in-depth information on Nostr clients, relays, and events. This makes it easier for readers to learn about Nostr and its various tools and understand how they can be used to enhance their own projects or businesses.
We try to put light on the competition between Bluesky and Nostr. This is particularly useful for readers who want to learn more about the differences between these two technologies and how they can be used to improve online communication and collaboration.

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